Challenge is part of National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. This website is for employees and directors of American electric cooperatives. The challenge was to create an engaging website for users to get the information they need, find opportunities to engage with other cooperatives and get exclusive access to specific features.
Role: Visual Designer
Reimagine the homepage to elevate important resources, highlight thought leadership by industry experts, and promote opportunities to professional develop. The website have an unauthenticated  and authenticated experience which personalize the content to what users like and virtually connect cooperatives with other cooperatives through mutual interests.

Tasks: UI Design, Responsive Web Design
Up to Date and Information for You
Users come to this site to stay up to date on news, read trending topics, and learn more about upcoming conferences. We created a full-width responsive Homepage to take advantage of the horizontal real estate for maximum visual interest. Every facets of the homepage is adaptable for content that does and does not have an image. When logged into the experience, users have given more opportunities to get more from the association such as joining communities and have discussion with other users. 
Promoting Learning & Development
The conference page is a highly visited page because electricians and electric cooperatives are able to go and grow with their community. The experience features important conference information, helps users plan their agenda, look at past conference information, and so much more. Event organizers are able to use all of these component in the webpage builder and make sure their potential attendees knows what to expect when they attend. 
Made to Help Them Foster Community
While the user is logged in, they have accessible to resources on key topics and categories. On a Topic page, resources such as case study, face sheets, and news related can be found. On a key category page, a team are able to able to own it. This page allows them to feature important content, show who they are, and a call to action to join their meetings. 
Made at Huge Inc
We delivered a robust website with many reusable templates for all sort of content and reusable components to support their web administrators. We worked closely in with the client's developers to ensure the website is pixel perfect through documented annotations. Users from cooperatives are able to log in, be a member of this association, and get resources they need. 

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