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Huge Inc is a full service digital agency headquartered in Brooklyn with offices worldwide. The Washington, DC office serves commercial and government sector clients.
In Reflection
During my 4 years at Huge, I did a variety of works from visual design to production design to concept pitches to marketing campaigns. This is a collection of selected quick projects.
Brands: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Health and Human Services (HHS), Prudential, NPR One, and Amazon Prime.
National Highway Traffic Safety Administration
I created layouts of new web pages and illustrations for driver assistance technologies. These pages are important to inform site visitors about car-related and safe driving resources. I worked closely with their developers and product owners to create designs that are consistent with their brand and tell the stories about car features. 
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Health and Human Services Concept
These concept was produced for a design hackathon led by the government agency, HHS. The challenge was to redesign the patient/doctor process. From looking for a healthcare professional to booking them to checking in at the health care facility to receiving the medical billing. On a small team, we thought of a solution to reduce the amount of interaction between different point of contacts and present better-timed information to patient. Designs are a screen finding your doctor, a dashboard of your appointment history, and medical documents. 
Prudential Real Estate Concept
A reimagined experience for Prudential real estate extension of their business. This is pitch concepts of homepage, articles, and home searching screens to show how we can elevate the brand and help Prudential stand out amongst other realtors. The proposed experience advocates for their business knowledge, expert team members, and outstanding products. 
Amazon Prime Student
A marketing campaign to targeting college students to convince them to subscribe to Amazon Prime. I supported the former LA office with photo manipulation, retouching, and create web banners. 
A marketing campaign in 2018 for NPR to advertise their NPR One mobile app. NPR One App brings carefully curated stories to the listeners. My works included photo manipulation, retouching, and creating this series. 

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