Federal Student Aid is the hub to get financial for anyone pursuing higher education. The challenge was to redesign the experience of understanding financial aid and all of verbiage. How might we create an experience that makes it easier for FAFSA applicants to understand loans and grant funds? 
Role: Visual Designer
The previous experience was outdated and the brand wasn't feeling inspiring and motivated. We brought the brand into the modern responsive web and through research, we understood what resources to surface on the homepage and how they want to intake financial aid information. The redefined website how feasible it is to receive financial aid and understand what actions to take.
Tasks: UI Design, Web Responsive Design
Making Financial Aid Clear to Understand
Before the improvements, all of the content was above the fold and spread out horizontally. This is led to an uneven hierarchy of information. Through the improved Homepage, we introduce users to Federal Student Aid with a seasonal top header that changes based on financial aid resources deadlines throughout the year. We sectioned key information to help user digest information in tid-bit and show how accessible getting financial aid is.
Breaking Down Financial Aid
We created a scaleable Article page that can be used for all of the pages in their financial aid encyclopedia. For authors, we implemented components that support the users. Components such as an in-page navigation to help users easily navigate up and down a long article. Embedded within paragraph, an interactive glossary that on click of a highlighted word, a definition drawer appears on screen. This template is made to be scannable, legible, and making financial aid more clear.
Understanding Your Financial Aid
Throughout the years of owning financial aids, the recipient would log into the website to check their status, what's their total funds, and understand where it is coming from. Previously, the website had a simple HTML table to present all financial aid information. We improved the logged in experience to highlight important numbers, show progress and status on your funds, and make financial aid more clear to consume.
Made at Huge Inc
It was a rewarding journey to understand user and create an experience that simplifies what is financial aid and all of it's nuances. To ensure the website serves the 13 million plus users, we made sure the experiences works seamless on desktop and mobile devices. The improved website brought a refresh to the Federal Student Aid brand and the experience created trust in the brand by making it clear the intricacy of financial aid. 

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