The challenge was to design a time-sensitive product for healthcare providers.  Healthcare providers were reviewing long, convoluted documents and not getting information they needed up front. How might we create a product that gives healthcare providers the right dosage of relevant information so that they can spend their time treating patients?
Role: Visual Designer
We designed, tested and launched a new experience that spoke to a core project principle: "The right information at the right time."  We designed a dashboard experience for clinicians to do a variety of tasks for Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services. From understanding their progress of submitting data, what are the requirements for data submission, and the compare their collection of data.
Task: UI Design, Responsive Web Design,  and User Testing.
Right Information at The Right Time
​​​​​​​The Center of Medicare and Medicaid Services rewards Medicare clinicians with payment increases based on their performance of quality patient care. Through understanding the policy from stakeholders and understanding the pain-points from clinicians, we created these pages for best legibility, actionable takeaways, and an overview of of their data. We prioritize to display information that are applicable to clinicians and their practice. We considered areas for clinicians to accurately submit their data and understand how it affects them.
Made at Huge Inc
We created interfaces that's improved the data submission and feedback process through a clearer transaction between screens. The experience have ongoing improvements. The product's hope is to offers less screen time and more patient care time.

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